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CMBC Race Schedule 
  • 1 August 15
  • 12 September 15
  • 3 October 15
  • 1 November 15 - W & A
  • 7 November 15
  • 12 December 15
  • 16 January 16
  • 6 February 16
  • 5 March 16
  • 2 April 16
  • 27-30 April (NATS)
  • 14 May 16
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Cape Model Boat Club
FNB TygerBerg : 250655
Acc no :62309899823
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  1. Membership Information

  2. Fees

  3. Racing Classes currently available.

  4. Practice Days.

  5. Race day setup.

  6. Racing Rules.



CMBC Racing season starts in August and ends in May. With a 2 month break during June and July to ensure your boats are ready for the new season.



Joining Fee
FREE - Just bring your boat, let's race ! 
Annual Membership fee **
R 450 per season (excludes SAMPBA membership)
Race day participation (Members) 
R 100 for the first boat entered, R 50 for an additional boat with a maximum of R 150 for the day 
Race day participation (Non Members) 
R 200 for the first boat entered, R 100 for an additional boat with a maximum of R 300 for the day
Second/Backup Boat 
R 100 per boat per race, fees must be paid during registration 
 Visitor's launching fees (Practice days)
R 100 per day (first visit free, Must be accompanied by a valid member !)
Special Note - Children or partners of a valid member only pay for Race Entry fees and DO NOT have to pay membership fees.

Racing Classes currently available.

1. Offshore Sport
This is the step up from RTR. In this class the maximum engine size is .32ci but any motor and any hull is permissible (Cats and V-Hulls). This class also allows RTR racers to 'step up' by using higher performance race engines and aftermarket parts.
Typical motors include Go, CMB NovaRossi, Rossi, OS to name just a few.

2. Tunnel Hull F1-style
These boats must resemble a scaled version of a real Formula 1 GP boat. Utilizing a motor on a drive-leg setup as per normal outboards.  Hulls sizes are depended on the class that’s raced but can be anything from 29inch to 54 inch. The classes running are 3.5cc nitro, 7.5cc nitro and 26cc Gas.
Watching these boats ride on a cushion of air and drifting round some marker buoys can take ones breath away
3. Gas Offshore
The name says it all. Offshore style boats in essence scaled versions of the UIM P1 Unlimited class with 26cc petrol engines capable of speeds in excess of 70kph, some reaching 100kph. These boats are big fast and spectacular. Racing on the coarse mere centimeters from each other takes precise movements and quick reactions.
Motor size is from 23cc to 35cc, but the most common is the 26cc motors making anything from 3.5 to 5.5 hp at 18500RPM.


·        The same safety rules apply as per normal race day and is Compulsory ie.

o       Launch from the designated area.

o       Ensure you have your prop guards in place

o       Use of life jackets is compulsory when using the rescue boat.
·        Stick to the race course (clockwise direction around the markers)
A member or non-member not adhering to these above rules will immediately be asked to remove his/her boat from the water.

  • 4 heats per class - see special note below.
  • 12 laps per heat for Nitro power boats.
  • 15 laps per heat for Gas powered boats.
  • No rescue during race (Judge has discretion to freeze or stop a race depending on the situation)
  • Please ensure that you fully understand the racing rules – please direct any questions to the race organizer.
  • No boat will be allowed on the water during lunch.
Special Note
If there are less than 4 boats on a day for a class we only run the number of heats equal to the number of boats for that class.
For example if only 2 x 7.5 F1 register for the day Only 2 heats will be raced (day position to count towards season points)