Please be advised that we have been requested to vacate the premises from the end of March 2020, with the last race meeting being 7 March 2020.

  • La Farge Mining SA (LMSA) have a huge mining contract and will be mining in the quarry from the end of March.

  • Please be advised that on the instruction of LMSA no-one will be allowed on the property after the 7 March.

  • Anyone entering or trying to enter will be dealt with by the security company and LMSA.

  • CMBC cannot and will not be held liable for anyone attempting to enter and disregarding our communication.

  • We trust that we will find temporary premises to accommodate us for this period of time.

Section 1

Definition of Models

The design of the hulls are defined by the various class rules.

Models are controlled by the Pilot using radio control.

All models irrespective of class should in terms of form and design look like a boat.

Boats may be raced with or without a closed deck / cockpit / cover.

Classes and Rules

  • Hydroplane/Outrigger

    • Free design Hydroplane/Outrigger with surface or semi-surface drive propulsion. These two designs run/score as one class at CMBC.


  • Offshore

    • Free design offshore boats. V-type or catamarans (tunnel hulls) with surface drive propulsion and inboard motors.


  • F1-Outboard

    • Free design tunnel hulls resembling full size F1 hulls with surface drive propulsion and outboard leg mounted motors.


  • F1 Inboard

    • Free design tunnel hulls resembling full size F1 hulls with surface drive propulsion and inboard mounted motors.


  • Gas (Modified) F1 Inboard

    • The following rules and specifications are a guide to assist future pilots who wish to participate in this class, with choosing a boat that conforms to both the spirit and the technical requirements of the class:

      1. Any purposefully designed and designated ‘F1 hull’ (molded or built from a wood kit), which originate from a recognized hull manufacturer, as a ‘gas-size’ F1 hull, (see example list below of some of the hulls that are already recognized), will be accepted as a legal hull for participation in this class. These hulls are still subject to certain other specification rules. See Item-4 (Specification Rules) on the next page. Currently recognized and approved hull examples for this class are: YPC, Dominator, ML-GS480, Thor470, AHGasF1 and HBGasF1.

      2. Any attempt to enter what is clearly a catamaran hull into the IB-F1 class, with what will then be an easily recognizable, non-standard, F1 deck and F1 canopy configuration, will be subject to a visual ‘test’ by the Race Control Management (RCM) of the day, specifically to determine if the deck and canopy resembles the front-view and side-view profiles of the approved hulls in point 2 above, as well as to satisfy the other relevant rules in this section of the rule book.

      3. Any specific boat may only be entered and raced in one class per one race-event.

      4. Specification Rules:

        1. A ‘dummy’ engine-cowl is optional.

        2. Both fixed and steerable strut-drives are accepted.

        3. No turn-fins or trim-tabs are permitted.

        4. The separate rudder positioning (left or right of the strut), is at the pilot’s discretion but it must be mounted against the back of the transom. The rudder may also be part of a one-piece ‘strudder’ unit which could also be mounted in the center of the transom.

        5. All boats must have a sturdy handle (mounted on top of, or protruding through the top of the canopy) suitable for launching and/or lifting the boat from the water by the rescue boat crew.

        6. Cowls (or cowl sections) may be fixed and/or removable at the pilot’s discretion.

        7. Number of longitudinal running/wet surfaces = 2. (These running surfaces could be interrupted by ‘steps/water-breaks’ across the running surface)

        8. Engine placement should be +/- mid ship. For aesthetic reasons it is recommended that the engine be covered by an F1 canopy/hatch, on the side of which the race number for each boat is normally carried.