Please be advised that we have been requested to vacate the premises from the end of March 2020, with the last race meeting being 7 March 2020.

  • La Farge Mining SA (LMSA) have a huge mining contract and will be mining in the quarry from the end of March.

  • Please be advised that on the instruction of LMSA no-one will be allowed on the property after the 7 March.

  • Anyone entering or trying to enter will be dealt with by the security company and LMSA.

  • CMBC cannot and will not be held liable for anyone attempting to enter and disregarding our communication.

  • We trust that we will find temporary premises to accommodate us for this period of time.

Section 9

Methods for measuring noise levels

  • General

    • The measurement microphone must be positioned as follows:

      • Height 1 meter, approximately 200 mm above the water level.

      • Position at a right angle to the center-line of the course.

      • The measurement microphone must be located at right angles with the connecting line of the two lowest buoys and securely positioned.

    • It is a requirement that boats must pass the noise measuring equipment at full speed.

    • The noise measurement must be taken when the boat is on the base line and at least 15 meters away from the microphone.

    • Noise limit will be enforced at 95 dB and any boat over the limit would be warned and must have it repaired by the following race day. If not within the limit at following race day, the boat cannot compete until the silencing problem is rectified.


  • Re-testing boats that were measured as being above maximum noise levels

    • Any boat that was tested and measured to be above the maximum noise level must be re-tested with no other boats running that could influence or interfere with the reading.


End of rulebook.