Please be advised that we have been requested to vacate the premises from the end of March 2020, with the last race meeting being 7 March 2020.

  • La Farge Mining SA (LMSA) have a huge mining contract and will be mining in the quarry from the end of March.

  • Please be advised that on the instruction of LMSA no-one will be allowed on the property after the 7 March.

  • Anyone entering or trying to enter will be dealt with by the security company and LMSA.

  • CMBC cannot and will not be held liable for anyone attempting to enter and disregarding our communication.

  • We trust that we will find temporary premises to accommodate us for this period of time.

Section 4

Competition course

General rules regarding the setup of the competition course on the water


  • The layout of the course at the Lefarge dam has been altered a number of times in recent years to make best use of the diminishing water-surface area. The committee has the right to make such changes based on the changing conditions at the dam and in the best interest of the general racing membership. They will consider membership input for such decisions if needed.

  • The two layout designs below are options for a layout.

  • The layouts below incorporate the new Buoy 6, (for the nitro F1 class), placed between Buoy 5 and the start/finish line.


CMBC Layout - 2 Pit Buoy

  • The layout if 2 pit Buoys are used:


CMBC Layout - 1 Pit Buoy

  • The layout if 1 pit Buoy is used, course goes inside of Buoy 2